Thank you for visiting C3 Store, we’re so glad you’re here!
C3 Store is a part of C3 Church supplying resources delivered right to your door. Including music, books and more to help grow and share your faith.  
C3 Church has over 560 churches worldwide and was founded by Ps Phil and Chris Pringle.
What started out as a small group of people passionate about Jesus in 1980 has resulted in tens of thousands of lives being changed and transformed by the glory of God.
C3 Church exists to connect people with God and in that they discover community and purpose. Our churches are filled with those who have discovered the love of God and are enjoying their best life with Jesus. 
Our weekly worship services reflect the nature of our God; they are colorful, upbeat and faith-filled. 

We love visitors! Please join us for a service over the weekend we can’t wait to meet you.